Personalize your benefits


Enrolling in Schlumberger Flex gives the opportunity to build your benefits, your way – and that’s whether you’re new to Schlumberger or are just making changes in response to a life event. No matter what, you’re in the driver’s seat – no one knows your needs better than you.

This is your chance to select the coverage you need most, and make the most of your dollars by declining coverage you don’t need. Remember, leftover dollars go to a wellness or health spending account – more funds for your everyday needs!

But it doesn’t stop there. The Schlumberger Retirement & Savings program helps you build your retirement savings. You’ll need to sign up for it too!

You have 30 days from the date your PIN notice is sent to complete your ‘new hire’ enrollment. Don’t miss out – click here.

Your LTD options

Schlumberger provides you with LTD options for every need. Premium coverage with inflation protection, basic coverage and one in-between option.

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Make sure your family is covered

When you enroll, it’s important to have the right beneficiaries on file.
Be sure to name your beneficiaries and sign and return the proper form.

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Need a PIN?

That's easy.

You can reset it online and have it emailed to you.

Or you can call 1-866-557-5222

Reduce your
prescription costs

Schlumberger pays the dispensing fee associated with any prescription filled at a Costco pharmacy. The only thing you pay is the percentage not covered by the option you chose when you enrolled. Shopping at Costco means money in your pocket.  No membership? No problem. You don’t need one to use Costco’s pharmacy.  You do need to have Great-West Life as the first payer of your prescriptions.  Just show your GWL card and you’re in.

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