The Defined Contribution Pension Plan

The Defined Contribution Pension Plan – or DC Pension Plan for short – forms the foundation of your retirement savings.

  • Schlumberger automatically contributes 2% of your admissible earnings to your DC Account
  • You may contribute up to 5%
  • Schlumberger will match your contributions, dollar-for-dollar, to a maximum of 3%

You could have as much as 10% of your admissible compensation directed to your DC Pension Plan.

Up To 10%

Welcome Smith, M-I SWACO and Geoservices employees

Starting on January 1, 2013, you will join your Schlumberger colleagues as members of the Schlumberger Canada Retirement Savings Program.

Schlumberger sees planning for your retirement as a shared responsibility. That's why we offer you a retirement program that gives you choice and control over your investment decisions. What's more, Schlumberger invests in your future through both automatic contributions for every member as well as matching contributions for employees who recognize the value, not to mention tax savings, associated with contributing to your retirement savings.

You MUST choose your contribution rate

If you are a Smith, M-I SWACO or Geoservices employee, you must actively choose your pension plan contribution rate. If you don't, you will miss out on the Schlumberger match – up to 3% of your admissible compensation.

You need to make some decisions

To make sound investment decisions, it's important that you set aside time to learn about the different plans within the Schlumberger Canada Retirement Savings Program as well as investing.


Schlumberger is one of the few oilfield services companies to still offer a Retiree Medical plan, and starting January 1, 2013, Smith, M-I SWACO and Geoservices employees will become eligible to participate.


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